What Is nDorse?

nDorse is a recognition application that reinforces institutional core values in real time and populates data that provides valuable insights into company culture and performance.

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Why is nDorse Important?

Positive feedback makes happier employees. Happier employees who have a feeling of self-worth and appreciation, results in improved productivity, employee retention, and better customer experience.

The workplace is a stressful environment and expectations can be high with little room for error.

Most organizations only focus on their “stars” or utilize mechanisms to register poor performance, thus overlooking many heroes and future leaders on their teams.

  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition has unique value
  • nDorse is a simple way to communicate praise and acknowledge peers in a busy environment.
  • nDorse helps to identify star employees, reinforce institutional values and identify trends through comparative statistics.

The End Results

  • Improve Employee Satisfaction
  • Promote Teamwork
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Foster Employee Relationships
  • Drive Mission and Vision of Organization

nDorse Community

nDorse has many clients across different industries. Among them are hospitals, medical and dental education programs, hotels, retail stores and Fortune 500 sales teams. Our clients have benefited from this novel application and new nDorse users are being added every week.

nDorse is designed for all workplace and team environments. It can be used by people working in any industry or even in personal team environments like clubs, teams, leagues, etc.

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