ABOUT nDorse

What is nDorse?

  • Web-based positive reinforcement application
  • Reinforces of institutional core values in “real time”
  • Populates data that allows for comparative analysis of performance on core values*
*this would be a feature available with a formal purchase of the software

Why is nDorse important?

  • The work place is a stressful environment
  • Expectations are high with little room for error
  • There are many mechanisms present to register poor performance.
  • Most organizations focus on their “stars” while many heroes goes unnoticed
  • nDorse is a simple way to communicate praise and acknowledge peers in a busy environment
  • nDorse can identify star employees, reinforce institutional values, and identify good and bad trends by comparative statistics
  • Getting recognition from peers has a unique value
  • Positive feedback makes happier employees. Happier employees who have a feeling of self worth and appreciation results in productivity, retention of employees and better customer experience.

Our Goal

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Promoting teamwork – positive reinforcement
  • Enhance productivity
  • Reminding employees the institution core values and allowing them to embrace them.
  • Foster productivity through employee happiness and retention

Facts about Positive Reinforcement

  • Positive reinforcement generates more good behavior
  • Employees put in more effort than is minimally required - more discretionary effort
  • Reinforcements are more effective than rewards (although latter are important as well)
  • Frequent positive reinforcements = positive work environment

Our Motto:

Recognize in real time! Motivate thru Praise!!

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